Redecorate a Hall in Quorndon Derbyshire

We were given a delightful project to work on recently. It is always a pleasure to be asked to redecorate this stunning period property in Quarndon Derbyshire because we love the challenge of working with period homes. Upon entering the property, one can see the large garden and lake rolling over the hills.

A giant high gloss black door greats you. It leads to the sweeping staircase allowing you to enter the lounge overlooking everything. The owners took this back to its original state after suffering a fire a few years ago. A proportion of the windows also needed to be repaired due to smoke and & fire damage.

To honour the original vision of the space, the owners re-used much of the woodwork. They created a panoramic sunroom and kitchen while maintaining traditional touches like a grand staircase and lounge. We redecorate using all our painting techniques. We spray painted the whole property, then fine finished by rolling & brushing. The woodwork was finished in satin.
As one can imagine, it took the efforts of four decorators over a period of many weeks to redecorate this property from plaster and bare woods to a state of complete elegance and sophistication.
One such area that stands out is right at the entrance near the top of the staircase, where the doors have been sealed shut. But only on the room side; they were still there on the landing to not lose the look of the landing. This staircase is terrific with its curvatures and wooden railings. I really like this one – we enjoyed being involved in this project.